Amino Acid


  1. Appearance Yellowish powder
  2. Water solubility Completely
  3. Total Free Amino acid 80% min
  4. Organic Nitrogen 13% min
  5. Moisture 5% max
  6. Heavy metal (as Pb) 20 ppm max
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Appearance Yellowish powder
Water solubility Completely
Total Free Amino acid 80% min
Organic Nitrogen 13% min
Moisture 5% max
Heavy metal (as Pb) 20 ppm max

It can be absorbed directly by all plants,such as field crops,vegetables,fruits and so on.

Amino acid is obtained from soybean cake and is completely water soluble. Additionally, it provides organic nitrogen in free amino acid form which can be directly used in plant. Amino has the advantage that it adheres very well to leaves, because of its high viscosity, and it acts as an organic chelator of certain trace elements. Therefore it is widely used as a foliar fertilizer in combination with other water soluble fertilizers and in combination with almost all commercial plant protection agents to enhance their efficiency.